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Deccan Education Society's Fergusson College, Pune
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Master of Science (Biotech)
Sample Questions
  • May 4 2016 5:34PM

Sample questions:

1. The cotyledons stay above the ground in  _____ type of  germination

a. Epigeal                                   

b. Hypogeal

c. None of the above                    

d. All


2. During conjugation the cross between F plus and F minus, the recipient usually becomes

a. F minus                       

b. F plus

c. F prime                       

d. none


3. The antibody mediated immunity is called

a. Cellular immunity           

b. Humoral immunity 

c. Innate immunity             

d. All of the above.


4. The zero population growth due to equal birth and  death rates is called-

 a. Natural increase                      

 b. Demographic transition  

 c. Fertility rate                          

 d. Replacement level


5. ________ is an inhibitor of the respiratory chain.

a. Cyanide

b.Carbon monoxide

c. antimycin D

d.all the above